Why Choose EAS?

What Seperates Us from the rest? Since 1988 Employee Assistance Services, Inc. (EAS) has been providing quality support to companies in the Fox Valley and Chicagoland areas, whether they employ 20 people or 2000 people. By customizing programs for your specific situation, EAS is able to adapt to the changing needs of your company's human resources and enhance your employees ability to work more efficiently and effectively.

Employee Assistance Services provides personal and comprehensive programming that is becoming increasingly rare for employee assistance programs. More often than not, EAPs tend to be impersonal and one dimensional. 1-800 numbers are common in the EAP world and these calls are answered by a call center – often across the country. Operators may or may not be polite, they don’t know the local resources, and have never met anyone from the customer company.

At EAS, we are a local service provider that knows all about local resources. Chances are that the caller already has had contact with the EAS representative through:

  • Company visits (we make an effort to visit each member company/organization several times a year)
  • Workshops that we present at the worksite (on timely important work related seminars)
  • Employee orientations that introduces EAS to all of the company’s employees

To separate EAS further from other employee assistance programs, we provide up to three contacts including face to face counseling/supervisory sessions to a customer company’s employer or supervisor.

Personal, yet comprehensive. That’s what separates EAS from other employee assistance programs.

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