Jim's Friends

If you have a past affiliation with Renz Center’s treatment program and are interested in socializing with other recovery focused people, you are welcome to join Jim’s Friends on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 7-8:30 pm at Two American Way in Elgin. 

A little history ... in the summer of 1935 two men shared their stories and gave and received support, and through that initial fellowship of two, Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, began. 

Jim Renz got sober through the same fellowship of AA.  Later in his recovery, he then began abstinence from his compulsive gambling as well. In 1961, Mr. Renz wanted to share the hope of recovery in additional ways and with the help of a few other men, some start-up funding from Elgin Rotary and the Community Chest, Community Concern for Alcoholism was established. Upon Mr. Renz's retirement, the agency name was changed in 1986 to Renz Addiction Counseling Center. For more than 56 years, thousands of people have received counseling and treatment through Renz Center.   

In 2015, three Renz Center alumni started a new extension of fellowship and support reaching out to others with a group called “Jim’s Friends”, as a follow up to treatment at Renz Center. Jim's Friends have social outings in the community and have gone bowling, shared their stories with client groups, and are invited to our annual client and alumni holiday party.

No RSVP needed for Jim's Friends meetings.  Come for food, fun, fellowship and support.

Alumni Comments... 

 "I like coming to Jim's Friends because it's supportive and fun!" -- Barb    

"I like Jim's Friends because it feels like family."  -- Deb

"Attending Jim's Friends helps me build great friendships."  -- Joy


 Jim's Friends Book suggestions... Click on the title to bring you to Amazon

You Can't Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought, by Peter McWilliams

The Feeling Good Handbook, by David s. Burns, M.D.

New Pair of Glasses, by Chuck Chamberlain

All Night All Day Angels Watching Over Me ,  Guideposts Book


Pictures of Jim's Friends Outings...

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four men jims friends  
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 go carts  
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