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For adolescents in early stages of alcohol and drug experimentation, Renz Center offers Early Intervention Services.  Early Intervention Services may involve group, individual, and family sessions; or, possibly only family and individual sessions depending on the particular need.

The purpose of our Early Intervention Services is to intervene at a critical point in development to reduce and/or arrest alcohol/drug experimentation. Parents are strongly encouraged to be very involved with their teens care.  

Topics presented and discussed are:

• Use, abuse, and addiction (the progression)

• Consequences of use/high-risk behavior

• Myths and facts of effects of different drugs

• Dealing with feelings and emotions

• Self-esteem/goals

• Developing health and positive coping skills

• Identifying and practicing refusal skills

• How to handle peer pressure


Renz Center's treatment progams are licensed by the Illinois Department of Human Serivces, Division of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse. Clinical staff are eitehr licensed in their respective fileds and/or certified alcohol/drug addiction counselors.



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